Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Writers's Group Post - The Trek by David Herridge

The Trek

The day was bright; the air hot and steamy. Phillip, a distant relative of Lord Greystoke, the famous adventurer, knew exactly where he wanted to go, and he was fully prepared.

The trail was at first easy, but gradually the undergrowth became dense. If only he had had his big knife, his progress would have been quicker.

Flying insects had been woken by the sun’s warmth, and were now playing havoc with his progress. The constant biting caused him to curse to himself, and from time to time to exclaim out loud.

Time was running out and he tried to speed up. This backfired – his clothing now dragged at the bushes, and he heard the tell-tale sounds of tearing. In his desperation he dared not look down at the possible damage. Battling on, he could at last see his destination.

“Morning, Philip. You look a bit battered if I may say so.”

“Anthony! You may not, and for the record that’s the last time I try that short cut to the station you recommended, O.K.?”

By David Herridge 2015